The easiest way to send digital gifts and strengthen

business relationships.

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"The Blood & Treasure team was instrumental in the launch of THNKS.

They worked tirelessly as an extension of our team and were able to

get us to production on time and on budget.  Strategy, design and

engineering, they were a key piece of it all ."

Brendan Kamm

Co-Founder & CEO

Within a few months of launch, Thnks had signed agreements with several major accounts including

American Express, Facebook and Buzzfeed.


Today, Thnks is the only relationship building management system developed for sales, finance and

HR professionals. It is not another gift card, but a personalized digital gift sent with a few easy swipes

on a mobile device.


In a similar way to how Seamless simplified the corporate lunch, Thnks is modernizing enterprise


For every $10 the average American spends, $1 is spent on buying someone a gift.

The global digital gifting market is expected to grow to USD 160 billion by 2020.

It was crucial to make it easy for enterprise leaders to monitor, track, set goals for, and report on

all of the gifts coming into and out of an organization to ensure compliance with the gift-giving

policies of each corporation.


As Brendan explained at the outset: "The application must provide enterprise leadership with the

ability to set KPI goals against corporate gifting and to track ROI on those costs."

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Following our human-centered design process, we created detailed wireframes to first reveal and

then optimize the experience we wanted users to have at every step of the flow, from the perspective

of the sender of a gift, their recipient, and a client admin.

The Stack


iOS & Android

Frontend Web:

AngularJS, NodeJS


Ruby on Rails



Third Party Integrations:

Amazon, CashStar, Tango Card, SendGrid, SendWithUs,, Mixpanel, Periscope, Docker, BitBucket Pipelines, Capistrano, Stripe



With completed wireframes in hand, the next steps were to

analyze each task in Jira and write the API document and

data schema in preparation for going into code.


Development of the first iteration of the product, or MVP

(Minimum Viable Product), was completed within 3 months.


Initially we were using TangoCard to manage most vendor

integrations, however we soon needed to integrate

Amazon's API to allow users to gift directly from the

Amazon store.

Knowing that gifts in business strengthen relationships, Brendan Kamm, Co-Founder of Thnks,

saw an opportunity to create a better gifting system for the Fortune 500 that would enable

enterprise team leaders to more easily build strong relationships, both internally and with

clients and prospects, while remaining in compliance with corporate gifting policies.

The Thnks team commissioned Blood & Treasure to build the first version of its enterprise-focused 

digital gifting platform with the following functionality:

  • Curated gift catalog with multiple vendor integrations, including iTunes and Amazon
  • Ability to import contacts and create personalized gifting messages
  • iOS and Android mobile interfaces
  • Ability to deliver digital gifts instantly via email or SMS
  • Ability to seamlessly accept gifts with no app install or account creation, or donate gifts to

    a charity of choice.

  • Client side web portal with secure client login, management oversight, and platform analytics


This turned out to be more difficult than expected as we

needed access to Amazon's private API which Amazon was

reluctant to open to a start-up .

While waiting for Amazon to approve our application, we continued to use their public API and

implemented a fallback checkout process with instructions and a simplified gift presentation.