“The Blood & Treasure team has been a great partner of ours for the

last few years. They are able to very quickly understand the business

need we are solving, and translate that into an app that serves global

large enterprises. Their partnership has been critical to our success.”

Paul Middleton

Learning Consultant for Nike


Paul commissioned Blood & Treasure to design and develop a digital learning experience that would

fit into the day-to-day routines of managers and employees working in Nike.


Key features of the platform would include:

Paul Middleton, Founder & CEO of Lumen Consulting Group, identified a common challenge in the

training sessions he organized for clients: p articipants would often leave the workshops committed

and excited to implement change. However, realities of busy working lives would quickly kick in,

learning would be lost, and behaviors wouldn't change.


Paul wanted to solve this challenge for Nike by building a digital learning platform that would

complement classroom training and help ensure habits are formed and behaviors do change after the

workshops have ended.


The Lumen app for Nike is designed to provide daily micro-learning

via engaging content while allowing managers and employees

to share experiences and learn together.

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  • Mobile and web interfaces
  • Secure login
  • Question & Answer feed ( chat board)
  • Gamification: action points and achievement badges
  • Performance analytics

We understood from the beginning that the app needed to

be fun in order to keep participants coming back and using

it, thereby forming the habits the training modules are

designed to encourage.

Lumen Consulting Group is a global consultancy and technology firm specializing in both

the design and development of highly strategic, immersive and impactful training solutions.


Ionic Framework

Frontend Web:



Ruby on Rails



Third Party Integrations:

SendGrid, Mixpanel, New Relic


  • Interactive training content
  • User notifications when new content is added

When we had nailed a set of wireframes that included gamification and elegant UX, we completed the

development of the pilot app in 3 months.


After launching to 2000 Nike managers, we had to rework the frontend to optimize for speed before

rolling out to 10,000 Nike employees.


We also recently added localization in 100 languages, positioning the platform for global consumption.

We grew to understand the effectiveness of micro-learning and how to best integrate social learning

features .


As Paul explained: "Effective training is about breaking down big barriers into small actionable steps.

It's not just training, it's about changing behavior over time."