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Blood & Treasure designs, builds and manages software applications on mobile and web.

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Founders Mike and Dave Baumwoll were referred to Blood & Treasure by one of our

customers. Prior to signing an NDA, all we knew is that they had a vision for a digital

product described as Quora for one minute videos, which sounded intriguing.

We had previous experience building video functionality for mobile and knew that for

content publishers and consumers, the video ecosystem is still in chaos with so many

permutations of video codecs and formats. Add to this the difficulty of streaming

video to mobile devices which often experience slow network connections and you can

see why streaming video in a commercial product is not as easy as it appears.

After digging in deep to understand the intended functionality, our technical solution was

to build a custom video player for iOS and upload and store the user-generated videos

on AWS while keeping the backend API separate on Heroku to improve performance.

Minque is a question and answer platform dedicated to connecting curious minds with educated video answers.

Minque's mission is to enhance the online conversation by getting professors

to answer the questions users most want answered.

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