EZR Group commissioned Blood & Treasure to design and develop a technology solution to enable

compliant tracking and reporting processes and provide their clients with total visibility into every



Key features of the platform would include:

This level of personal service is crucial to maintaining product integrity, but it was a cumbersome

spreadsheet and email-based reporting system that involved a lot of manual tracking and paperwork

to keep all parties informed.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers today are accelerating away from over-the-counter pill-based

medications towards more structurally-complex biotechnology drugs, including hormones and

cancer drugs, that require strict temperature and quality controls when shipped.


However, with so much cargo in transit, airlines are often prone to neglect required handling

for time-and temperature-sensitive pharma‍‍ceuticals.

Delays during transfer, shock and vibration in transit,

extreme weather variations and equipment failures

can result in temperature excursions and product

loss. For many pharmaceuticals, a two- degree

v ariation in Celsius temperature is all that's needed

to spoil the entire shipment.


EZR routinely sends experienced inspectors to

airports to serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Pharma

company and take extra special care of their high-

value shipments.


Inspectors receive and inspect time-and temperature

-sensitive cargo, take remedial action if necessary,

and personally clear the cargo through customs and

onto Cold Chain vehicles.


The Cold Chain refers to the management

of time-and-temperature-sensitive goods,

particularly pharmaceuticals, as they

move through the supply chain from

point of origin to final destination.


EZR Today is a custom logistics platform for managing high-value,

temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments.

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Leah Horowitz

Team Vice President

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After one of our project managers had spent time with an EZR inspector team in JFK Airport in New

York, we had a fairly good idea of their workflow, and the outline to a system that would improve it.


There is an incredible amount of detail to be accounted for when shipping Cold Chain products

overseas - from shipper waybills to customs clearance forms and inspector reports - with each product

category being slightly different in terms of the paperwork required.


We needed to capture every product flow in the wireframes, which took six weeks to complete, however

once the wireframes were signed off on and each task had been analyzed in Jira, we were able to

quickly proceed into writing the API and creating the data schema, the last remaining steps before

going into code. Development time took 3 months to complete.


As we were working with multiple different types of flows, depending on the product being shipped, we

architected the platform in such a way that each report was held on the frontend and uploaded all at

once when the inspector completed it. This caused some issues with uploads, particularly when signal

strength on the inspector's phone was low.


It would have been better to have structured each page of a report to be a self-contained module and

to auto-upload to the server instead of waiting for the entire report to be complete before uploading .


We arrived at this solution after the first few test builds which necessitated an easy enough revision

to the API.


Overall, we are proud of the work we did on EZR Today and are looking forward to adding more

advanced functionality to the platform in future development sprints.


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EZR Today



Frontend Web:

AngularJS, NodeJS


Ruby on Rails



Third Party Integrations

SendGrid, Segment.io, Mixpanel, New Relic, Docker, BitBucket Pipelines



  • Mobile interface and admin panel
  • Integrated flight tracking for 182 airlines
  • Live on-site reporting
  • Secure, two-way messaging
  • Real-time analytics for every shipment

Ultimately, we needed to provide EZR's team of cargo

inspectors with an easy and efficient way to manage

and report on shipments in real- time, and also

provide EZR management and clients with secure

admin access to drill down to the details of each

shipment while it was in transit.