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Blood & Treasure LLC‍‍‍

244 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10001

Tel: +1 646 479 2959


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Blood & Treasure designs, builds and manages software applications on mobile and web.

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Hired by their award-winning design agency, T2, Blood & Treasure were

commissioned to build a new mobile responsive website and make it

easy for the client to update content using a Wordpress admin panel.‍‍‍

Wordpress website for the No. 1 Soft Serv‍‍‍e Ice Cream brand in Ireland.

The Smooch brand is a more eye-catching and memorable brand than any competitor

in the Irish market. While it was a straightforward Wordpress installation, the layout was

unusual and required advanced CSS skills to get it looking right on all major browsers

and devices.   ‍‍‍

Scott Annan

Founder & COO

LiquidTalent, Inc.

Our understanding of QA is simple: “If it looks or works incorrectly, it’s a bug.” This does

not always go down well with our developers who have worked hard to fix a bug only

to find it is still being reported. But we only release when our QA team report no bugs. ‍‍‍

Blood & Treasure Ltd

Alexandra House

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Tel: +‍‍353 (0)‍‍‍ 74 915 1290