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Miss USA is part of the Miss Universe Organization which provides a

global platform for more than 10,000 women annually through

partnerships with charities, sponsors, brands and TV networks.

Beauty‍‍‍ in the palm of your hand.

Beginning as a local bathing beauty competition in 1952, the contest has evolved

into an international annual tradition dedicated to empowering women by instilling

the message of being "confidently beautiful". Today their annual beauty pageants

‍‍‍are distributed in more than 190 countries worldwide and seen by more than half a

billion people annually.

Blood & Treasure was tasked with building‍‍‍ the iOS mobile app and the Ruby on Rails

backend. Throughout the development our team was keenly aware of the global

reach of the Miss Universe brand combined with the star-quality of the participants. ‍‍‍

Scott Annan

Co-Founder & COO

LiquidTalent, Inc. 

The Miss Universe Organization wanted to bring the contests alive on mobile by featuring

contestant bios, inte‍‍‍rviews, exciting trivia, videos and polls, as well as the ability to vote for

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍contestants and view live shows.

We had a great design team t‍‍‍o work with and are consequently proud of how

the app turned out.‍‍‍

The biggest challenge with packing so much functionality into a mobile app is keeping

the interface simple and easy to navigate so that users enjoy interacting with the

content and sharing it with their friends.

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