2nd Avenue Shopper is an iOS and Android application to help support

and promote 2nd Avenue businesses duringthe construction of a new

subway tunnel, running from 68th to 95th streets in Manhattan.

Get discovered, interact with customers, create deals and build loyalty.

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City Council of New

York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), wanted to help 2nd Avenue

businesses thathad taken a hit from the lack of walk-incustomers who avoided

2nd Avenue altogether because of the constant construction.

Many small businesses on 2nd Avenue had closed. Those that remained open reported

a 30% decline inrevenue since construction started.

To make the app useful to both merchants and consumers, we needed to build in multiple

features including video uploads, deals, push notifications, analytics and map functionality.

This is easy enough to do on one platform. Achieving it on both iOS and Android presented

a challenge in that both operating systems work a little differently. We needed to ensure that

the user experience was consistent across both platforms.

More Work

We were also racing to get the iOS app approved by Apple in time for the public launch which

we luckily managed to do.

Blood & Treasure was asked to design and develop a hyper-local technology platform

on iOS and Android to attract customers back into merchant stores within the 2nd 

Avenue construction zone.

New York City merchants are tough customers. We learned the value of having robust and

flexible software development processes in place from the beginning. In particular we credit

our Scrum process for making it easy to absorb client changes into our workflow, and deliver

the project on time and within budget.

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