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Growing companies identify hiring as their most significant pain point,

while independent talent spend “too much time” searching for jobs.‍‍‍

With an estimated 34 percent of the American workforce currently in freelance or

independent contractor jobs, with as many as 4‍‍‍0 percent forecasted by Intuit to be in

those jobs by 2020, a massive opportunity exists for revolutionizing how professionals

match and get hired.‍‍‍

LiquidTalent’s founders were referred to Blood & Treasure by another customer of ours.

The brief was to create an MVP for a hiring platform on iOS and Web. Wi‍‍‍th starter screens

from an external designer, we worked closely with the founders to flesh out the UI design

and craft the UX, prior to going into development.

A fun challenge was the payment model. Originally we integrate‍‍‍d Stripe only to find that

Stripe cancelled the client’s account without explanation so we quickly switched to

Balanced, which was very soon after acquired by Stripe, so we switched back to Stripe.‍‍‍

With the MVP that Blood & Treasure built, LiquidTalent secured $1.2 m‍‍‍illion in seed

funding from Apollo Management in NYC.

We placed one of our Lead iOS Developers on site in LiquidTalent’‍‍‍s NYC office to

build Version 2 of the platform which is now publicly available on web and iOS.

We are proud to have contributed to building a community of excellence that makes

it super easy for exceptional talent to connect with high quality jobs from s‍‍‍ome of

the world’s best loved brands.

“LiquidTalent is your career in

your pocket; your own on-the-

go economy allowing you to

create the lifestyle that you

want, where you want it,

anytime you want it.”

Scott Annan

Founder & COO

LiquidTalent, Inc.

LiquidTalent is a NYC-based marketplace for hiring professional

‍‍‍developers and designers through their social connections.‍‍‍

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