A crucial ingredient to the success of the CPQ platform we built was working with someone who

understood exactly what was needed and would be welcomed by the people on the front lines,

in this case the Citrix salesforce. Without product vision and the leadership to champion a new

initiative, it would be extremely difficult to persuade senior level management to engage and

next to impossible to secure the enthusiasm of the salesforce.


Something else we learned is that although there is no shortage of off-the-shelf CPQ packages

from major vendors including Apptus, Salesforce, and Oracle, it can take considerably more time

and effort to align with a CPQ megavendor in comparison to building your own custom

proprietary application.

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“The Blood & Treasure team has been exceptional to work with.

They were able to create a complex, enterprise-grade app within

a fraction of the time it would have taken us to build and deploy

internally. 100% responsive, creative, and professional.”

Ethan Garonzik

Director of Cloud Operations

Within 2 months of launch, most of Citrix’s sales force

had become active users and almost all cloud

transactions were being priced through the tool.


From the perspective of the intended audience - the

field salesforce - the CPQ tool has been met with

unparalleled enthusiasm since it simplifies the process

of quickly pricing the best deals and generating

professional quotes, which ultimately helps them to

close more business and earn more income.


The Citrix management team particularly values the simplified pricing process and insight into

worldwide salesforce usage and performance.

In 2017, the CPQ market

grew by 36% to $1,084

billion with almost all the


Gartner estimates that by 2022, more

B2B quotes and orders will be created

in CPQ applications than in ERP.

growth in cloud-based offerings.

AWS cloud removes

headaches for deployment,

scalability and security.


One mouse click deploys the CPQ to

worldwide users without any additional


Elastic scalability removes bandwidth

concerns while best in class security is

built into the platform.

Ethan proposed moving things forward by contracting with external developers to quickly build

a custom CPQ tool that would allow salespeople to easily calculate discount levels across product

lines, while also accessing professional proposal templates for customer presentations.

Combining a web interface for field salespeople with an admin panel for management to adjust

pricing and margin levels, the functionality would include: 

  • Ability to configure complex pricing deals
  • Volume-based discounts
  • Recurring pricing
  • Pricing recommendations based on approval algorithms to indicate to reps what product pricing

will be accepted or rejected

  • Professional-looking customer proposals to include branding
  • At-a-glance oversight management with detailed analytics by region, salesperson, product sold

sales value, and profit margins

  • Seamless, cloud-based integration with existing business processes

The ability to tailor CPQ functionality to exact requirements and the assurance that the tool could be

built, tested and deployed in 3 months and within existing budget constraints were the reasons the

project received the green light from the Citrix management team.

The development process began with a deep dive into

understanding the optimal experience the salesforce

should have with the tool which involved creating a

detailed set of wireframes to reveal every step in the

product flow.


As Director of Cloud Operations for Citrix, Ethan

understood the business best of all and led the

wireframing process, organizing complex pricing

information into a simple and easy-to-assimilate

format, essentially taking a huge Excel monster and

turning it into an elegant solution the worldwide

salesforce would enjoy using.


One key thing that helped a lot was condensing the product database containing 10,000 SKUs into

around 60 product pathways to make it easier for salespeople to price deals.


Detailed wireframes were completed and approved in 2 weeks, allowing the development team to

create the API and database schema as well as analyze all tasks in Jira within one month from



Development time ran for 8 weeks with 1 new build being released each week. After an intensive

period of beta testing, we began rolling out to the field salesforce right at the end of the 3 month

development window.

Citrix is a multinational software company that enables the secure and reliable delivery

of apps and data through digital workspace technology.

Ethan Garonzik, Director of Cloud Operations in Citrix, saw an opportunity to turn the current

Citrix deal evaluation model into a self-service tool for field salespeople, greatly reducing the

field’s dependence on internal resources for common pricing proposals and creating a single

source of truth for commercial rules.

Prior to Ethan’s hiring, the Citrix IT department had already borne considerable expense to

integrate a third-party CPQ application.

The existing CPQ was an “out-of-the-box”

enterprise solution which required significant

tweaking and customization, resulting in a confusing

user experience and ongoing development and

integration efforts to address lacking functionality.


In the intensely competitive marketplace for

enterprise cloud services, even a week's delay in

approving a deal can make the difference between

success and failure.

With the release of new pricing and deal structures

to support Citrix’s cloud transformation, the need

for a better tool to help clarify these new rules

became apparent.


Configure, price and quote (CPQ)

applications allow sales organizations

to automate and optimize the creation

of quotes and proposals for complex,

configurable products or services.






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