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Blood & Treasure USA

244 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10001

Tel: +1 646 479 2959


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Blood & Treasure designs, builds and manages software applications on mobile and web.

Blood & Treasure Ireland

Alexand‍‍‍ra House

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Tel: +353 (0) 74 915 1290‍‍‍

what can we do for your company?

‍‍‍We're here to help. Let us know your contact details and our Managing Partner, Noel Guinane, will reply today to answer an‍‍‍y questions you may have.‍‍‍

AlliedEdge is a collect‍‍‍ion of powerful tools to help building contractors manage

and grow their business.

Contractors can ord‍‍‍er product, track deliveries, and find nearby branches and local events.

Our team completed the project within the deadline of 8 weeks, fully tested and approved

on t‍‍‍he Google Play store in plenty of time for the public launch.

Anytime, anywhere access to information from Allied Building Products.

Blood & Treasure was commissioned to build the Android application and integrate

with the backend portal. There was a little complexity showing the map and delivery

status for orders placed in the app, but otherwise it was a straightforward development.